Calibrator 5520A - hold current

Hello everyone,


I am writing my graduation work, now.

I have a Fluke calibrator 5520A and would like to control this over the software MET/CAL 8.2. The 5520A is to be used as a current source with 40mA. The second device is an reference mulitimeter 8508A, this should read the current automatically. 

My question is:

How can the calibrator hold the current with 40mA, while the reference multimeter reads it?

The proceedure now is:

  • calibrator give 40mA ---  breaks off to offline
  • reference multimeter --- error because the calitbrator is offline
 1.066  5520   40mA             TOL                             2W
 1.067  DISP         1
 1.068  8508   40mA 
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Dale Chaudiere

Are you trying to characterize the 5520A 40 mA output using the 8508A?  Basically is the 8508A being used as a reference or the DUT "Device Under Test" ?

Dale Chaudiere

Note, if the 5520A is the DUT, you cannot use the 5520 FSC to control it.  When you use the 5520 FSC MET/CAL considers it a reference.  If you are verifying the 5520A 40 mA DC output using the 8508, do the following:



8508  330 40.000mA  100P% 2.5E-3U 2W

Nathan Ryder

Sure you can but you still need to define it in the procedure...

 1.001 TOL 1% 1.002 5520 40.000mA N 2W 1.003 MATH M[1] = REFACC() * 1000 1.004 8508 40.000mA N 2W 1.005 MATH M[2] = REFACC() * 1000 1.006 MEM2 Which instrument is the "Unit Under Test" 5520 or 8508? 1.007 IF MEM2 == 5520 1.008 ACC mA M2U 1.009 MEMC 40.000mA TOL 2.001 ELSE 2.002 ACC mA M1U 2.003 MEMCX 40.000mA TOL 3.001 ENDIF

Or if you know you could just cut the "IF" and "MEM2" 

Also you will need to setup the 8508 to measure current before the 5520 outputs current to avoid a trip..Easy way is to duplicate line 1.004 and put it before the output of the 5520

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