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I'm trying to modify the calcertlong report to inlcude a graph of my results. I have data taken at various test frequencies and want to express the results in a scatter plot with the upper and lower tolerances displayed. Crystal Reports is not making this very easy. I've tried to read their support documentation, but the focus is on business graphs, like sales, marketing, etc, where there are multiple series and the data is broken into categories with associated values. I've tried creating formulas to override the summarization of thr data, but the data is stored as strings, and any attempt to convert the strings to values results in errors. Does anyone plot their test results in a similar fashion? I'd like to see what others are doing to get Crystal Reports to represent data graphically.

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Kevin Griffis


I have a report that I believe may do what you want, but I'm unable to attach it, for some reason.  Give me a call at (970)962-7529 or email at kgriff@woodward.com.  I can email the report, or a pdf, to you, then explain how I got it going.  Unfortunately, as you know, graphs aren't simple in Crystal, but they can be done.


If you see two posts from me, you can ignore one of them.  I attempted to post earlier, but it doesn't seem to have shown up.

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