Data Check in MetTeam

We are trying to get set up to use MetTeam full time and I think we need some custom data checks that seem like they would be fairly common for other users as well.  Does anyone already have a data check in place for any of the following:

checking that description, manufacturer, and model number are NOT being duplicated in "Add Types"

checking that a new asset for a specific customer is NOT duplicated in "Add Assets"

Adding a log note when the status is changed in a WorkOrder

If you do have any or all of these data checks, would you be willing to share?


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Ben Brown

The change status with log note only is a setting in the system defaults. It is listed as "Work Order - Edit Status". Here is the exact text from the setting.

AFFECTS: Work Orders ACTION: If active, the Status is editable and is a dropdown. If inactive, the Status is read only and is filled with the Blue read only color. When inactive and the Work Order has not been returned and "closed", the Status is changed by adding a Log Note.

Saadia Mead

Thanks Ben.  I will check out that tip!

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