DOS/DOSE FSC won't accept my arguments

Metcal 7.2

I'm trying to launch and send arguments to an external program, but I can't get it to work. im using the following:

DOS         python.exe arg1.py

and I just get a terminal box pop up momentarily but it hasn't actually executed my code.

For a bit of context, all of my external programs are written in python (as it's the only language I know), so I need to launch the python interpreter with python.exe and my argument will be the python file to be run, but this isn't working.

My second option was to create a batch file which would execute this code for me and then just launch the batch file from metcal, but this didn't work either, but I know the batch file works as double clicking on it gives me the right result.

All of the required files and executables are in the metcal directory so there isn't a location error, but I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! 

Any ideas?

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Nickolas Short

Does MET/CAL have administrator rights?

There may be some restriction against running scripts on your computer without admin rights.

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