Met/Cal Editor Procedure Translator Executable

Anyone have any experience using the Procedure Translator executable? I installed it successfully and it translated a procudure but I still get the "cannot get device status" error when trying to run the procedure.  I may not have the proper arguments applied. I want to translate some DMM procedures written for the 5520 to the 5502A. I have some working knowledge of Met/Cal Editor but not enough to be able to troubleshoot issue. 



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Michael Johnston

I think you can just do a find and replace each "5520" FSC with the "5502" can't you? As far as making the procedure work, are you sure that you configured your 5502A in the Instrument list properly? Maybe you have an alias on another piece that's conflicting?

Nathan Ryder

Also when translating you will need to be careful that any procedures that use string registers to define instruments ie accuracy lookups are also manualy changed to suit your instruments.


Apart from that I find it works very well.

Dale Chaudiere

"I think you can just do a find and replace each "5520" FSC with the "5502" can't you?"

No, the 5520/M5520 are legacy instrument FSCs (criptic mnemonics in columns):

1.001 M5520 1mA SI AX

1.001 5520 1V 1kH S 2W

The 5502A is a NVI (Name = Value Instrument) FSC:

1.001 Mode = AC_Power; Frequency = 1 kHz

1.001 +Voltage = 1 V; Current = 1 mA

The translator can only translate the main FSC (5520).  Auxiliary FSC (M5520) statements must be manually handled.

You must configure the actual instrumen that is connected, even when the 5502A FSC is used.  The 5502A FSC will "Device Map" to "Fluke 5502A", "Fluke 5520A", and "Fluke 5522A".  Stated dfferently, a procedure written using the 5502A FSC will execute without modification with "Fluke 5502A", "Fluke 5520A", or "Fluke 5522A" configured.


Brett Jeffers

So, Are the 5502A and 5522A  FSC's interchangeable?

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