Can I?

Our 5502E has to go back for service so we have a 5502A in that we are planning on using while the E is out.

1. Do I need to change anything in my procedures to suit?.

2. Do I even need to add the A as a new instrument?.

3. If the answer to 1 is no will it be using the correct acc files etc?...Looking at the specs they are basically the same intrument for what we plan on using it for.




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Michael J.

Hey Nathan,

All you need to do is add the 5502A as an asset and make sure it is the one configured in your instruments. The 5502E FSC device maps to any of the 55xxX calibrators (other than the 5500A), so if you have a 5502A configured, MET/CAL will recognize that it can use it for the 5502E-based procedure and will pull the accuracy files based on the configured device.

This is why the new MET/CAL Gold Procedures are built around the 5502E or 5502A FSCs, so that any calibrator can be used with the same code.

Nathan Ryder

Cheers Michael

Thats what I understood from the help file but wanted to confirm.

Thanks again.

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