Procedure that will pull values from previous calibration reports/certs

Hey all. 

I'm trying to write a procedure that will pull test result values from a prior calibration.

So far, the closest that I have gotten is using the math database fsc functions. (shown below)

Unfortunately, what I have tried only shows things like time/date of  the calibration, who performed the calibration, procedure name, etc.

It does not show any test result values.

Does anyone know a procedure line, math fsc,etc., that would pull prior test result values?

Here is an example of what I have done so far:

1.001  MATH  MEM2 = CAL("asset#", -1,2301)

  • asset#:  assigns which asset to use.
  • -1 : points to the last cert.
  • 2301 to 2396: are the CAL locations on the cert.

I quickly wrote a procedure to check and display all of the locations.

  • 1.001  math  mem = 2301
  • 1.002 rslt ={[mem]}
  • 1.003 math mem2 = CAL("asset#",-1,mem)
  • 1.004 math mem = mem + 1
  • 1.004 rslt ={[mem2]}

Then repeat lines 1.002 through 1.004..  this shows the value of all CAL fields on the last cert, just not test results.






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Michael J.


What version of MET/CAL are you running? There's no built-in way to do this, but if you are at 8.0 or beyond, you could probably use the LIB FSC to perform some kind of query on the database directly. 

Brett Jeffers

I'm on version 9.  Could you post some examples or literature on a way to possibly do this?

Currently I am using the Lib FSC to create an excel file reference sheet to show tensiometer values at different test points.  It works great for current/live calibrations.   I would like to pull previous calibration data.


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