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I have a thought about Types that I'd like to throw out for comment and to see if anyone would like to see MetTeam work in this manner.

If you've used MetTeam, you know that the Category and Sub Category are linked fields such that the choices available in Sub Category depend upon the value in Category.

I submit that Extended Data should be further linked to Category and Sub Category.  We have an in-house database that works in this manner.  You can define, for example:

Category: Micrometer
Sub Category: OD
Extended Data may be something like
Anvils: Carbide
Resolution: 0.0001"
Thimble:  Friction
All of this data is relevant to an OD Micrometer.

In a different scenario you might have
Category:  Plug Gage
Sub Category: Thread
Extended Data might be
Material: Steely
Handle Type: Taperlock
Length: 3"
Class 2B

The list could go on, but the point is that trying to make one size fits all descriptions would be impossible, but it is critical in a captive lab to have consistant descriptions.  It was suggested to me by Fluke personnel that I should use the Description field.  As I'm sure you know, the Description field is a free text field that allows entry of any data.  Trying to maintain consistant descriptions among many types of similar equipment is virtually impossible when the primay field you have besides Category and Sub Category is a free text field.

Comments, anyone?


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Kevin Haddock

I think for a commercial lab like us that using the “description” field would be best served for noting accessories received with an instrument for calibration, such as (a)  power cord, (b)  red test lead and black test lead.


Not sure that would make any difference in a captive lab, but it sure means a lot to our customers, as the techs cannot always be trusted to keep track of the customer’s accessories that come in with the asset for calibration.

Kevin Griffis

You may want to re-think that approach a bit.  The "Description" field that I'm referring to in the OP is on the Type.  This would not necessarily be an appropriate place to record accessories that are received for calibration, since this description is a characteristic that is assigned to all items of the same type.

I haven't gotten far enough along with MetTeam to know for sure, but I'd bet there is a location when an item is "checked in" that will allow recording of accessories.

And yes, this is just as applicable to captive labs as commercial.

Debbie Olson


When an asset is received in MET/TEAM there is a tab on the right called "Log Notes". Information regarding accessories that accompanied the asset or anything else about the assetcan be entered on this tab. This information is then available on the Work Order under the Log Notes tab.

If there is general information that needs to be provided to the person doing the receiving, "Receiving Notes" can be entered on the Type and they then show up on the Receiving screen on the Asset Details tab. A warning message is displayed when the Receiving dialog begins.

The attachment shows the 2 scenarios.



Attachment not imported: receiving_notes_and_log_notes.pdf

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