USB Win7 driver Fluke 190-204 scopemeter


Can somebody send me the USB drivers for Fluke 190-204 scopemeter.


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Stephan Meuwsen

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply, but this link I already have.

The problem is that I have the Fluke 190-204 and for this scopemeter the following is mentioned:

Fluke 190 series (non B/C) => Contact your local Fluke service center.

Tyson Wheeler

Are you using IR to USB or Serial?

Stephen Froese

Here is what I did to download drivers for the Fluke 190-204 with the usb to micro-usb cable:


Open internet explorer (must be internet explorer), and go to:


(or google search microsoft update catalog)


Once in here, type into the search menu: Fluke

Download both of the following files:

Fluke - Other Hardware - Fluke 190 ScopeMeter

Fluke - Other Hardware - Fluke USB Serial Port


Then use 7-zip or similar program to extract files into a location of your choice (choose any accesible location on C drive). Once you have the files, connect the ScopeMeter to the computer and let the windows 'new hardware found' application come up. Manually select one of the extracted folders as the location in which to search for the driver files. You will need to complete this for both the Fluke 190 ScopeMeter driver and the Fluke USB Serial Port driver. Once both drivers are installed you should be good to go.

This is the only way I was able to download the drivers, I rented the unit and it came without the CD so I did not have a hard copy of the drivers and the link on Fluke's website for the drivers seems to be defective. Hopefully I just saved somebodt the 6 hours it took me to figure this out.

Tony Colterlec

Thanks Stephen Froese well done.

John Donley

Thank you Stephen Froese.  Using an "old" 190-202 ScopeMeter and this still works 10/18/2019.  Great information.

Fluke website is somewhat difficult to navigate.  I was not able to find drivers on Fluke site, but I could download them using the link provided by Stephen Froese.

**Only difference I found using Windows 10 I had to open the device manager and find the device driver and the serial port driver and point the computer to the downloaded/extracted files as the 'new hardware found' application did not come up.  Once that was complete, I was able to start using the ScopeMeter software to read from the actual scope.

Douglas Burgess

The drivers weren't labeled well.  These worked for me:

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