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Hi all.


I don't know if this is the right place but since other CR questions have been asked here I am posting it here as well.


I am writing a report that will list all instruments calibrated within a specified timeframe.

I have a group header that sorts by customer.

What I want to do is to sort the instruments within each customer by

UUT Manufacturer (alphabetical) -> UUT model (Alphabetical then Numerical) -> UUT serial number.


I've been looking at the premade reports and googled but truth be told I am not quite certain of what I am looking for.

The parameters I have set for the report are Customer (a way to choose a specific customer with sub departments), Start date and End date for the timeframe.


Is it even possible to make the report behave like this?


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Joakim Spångerg



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Krista E.

Sure.  So you are grouping by customer and inside that group you want to sort. 

Click on the record sort expert, (it is the AZ icon).  It will allow you to select from the list of fields and sort however you want.  Your group will be on top and you want to leave it there, but then you can select I4202 (manufacturer) and then I4203 (model) and then I4206 serial number.  

It will sort it the way you want;.

Krista Erickson



Joakim Spångberg

Thank you very much!

Redicilously easy, something I should have seen. Somehow I didn't even notice the "universal sorting icon".

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