HP 34401A automatic calibration using Fluke 9100E

Hello everyone!
Please help solve the problem:
there is such a simple code

#34401 seting
  1.001  PORT         [P9600,N,8,2,D][OTERM LF][TERM LF][T10000]
  1.001  PORT         SYST:REM;*CLS;*RST
  1.003  PORT         FUNC "VOLT:DC";:VOLT:DC:RANG 100mV;RES 0.0001mV

  1.004  9100   20    100mV          0.0085U                               2W
  2.001  TARGET       -m
  2.002  CALL         Sub HP 34401A Get Reading RS-232
  2.003  MATH         MEM = MEM / 1E-3
  2.004  MATH         MEM = CRND(MEM, 0.0001)
  2.005  MEMCX  100   100.0mV        0.0085U

On line 1.004, a window to enter the enter values with the keyboard.

How to disable it, that would be read out testimony from 34401A?

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Patrick Butler

Line 1.004 is setup to output the voltage  on the 9100 and then prompt for a reading. So what you need to do is specify this as a setup test by inserting an S into MOD4. And becuase it is a setup test, you cannot specify the tolerance. Look up MOD4 in the help file for more information.

You'll want something like this.

1.004  9100         100mV                                             S  2W

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