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I just recently upgraded from Met/Cal 7.3 to version 8.3 and I'm trying to wrap my head around using the Editor and how to edit and save older procedures. I see that when you save a procedure, Met/Cal saves it as *.mc as a text file. To use Met/Cal runtime the procedure would have to be published. Does this overwrite the original *.pro file or not? Once a procedure has been published, is there a means to make updates?

This newer 8.x version to me is like the difference between notepad and MS Word. Much more detail and power, but I doubt I'll really be able to grasp a whole lot of it without heavy-duty immersion.

I've looked at the Fluke video tutorials and the built-in help guide.

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Michael Johnston

The version 8 editor is based around Microsoft Visual Studio. There are levels of "packaging" you could say. Procedure files (and pictures, and executables, or whatever else you add) are part of a project. Projects are part of Solutions. Each procedure that you create, you'll want to contain it all in a single project. So if you write for a Fluke 87V, that's one project. A Fluke 87III would be another project, etc. You can combine multiple projects in a single solution, but you don't have to. I personally use one solution per project and one project per solution.

One of the best aspects of version 8 was the introduction of PXE files. They serve as a replacement to proc.dir organization of procedures. You publish a PXE from a project, and it contains all the files needed to run the procedure independent of shared folders (like the pic folder). It also prevents a technician from editing the source code, since you can make it so all they can access is the full PXE. You store the source code (the project/solution files) elsewhere so that only people who should be editing them can edit them. My recommendation would be to transition all of your current procedures to PXE format ASAP. If you are using a single proc.dir for all your procedures, this is super easy to do. If not, it's more tedious (this is the boat I'm in with mine).

For editing procedures from the proc.dir format (.pro files), all you need to do is open up the editor and open the file. If you go to File>Open>Procedure, it will open the normal proc.dir selection screen that you're used to and let you select the procedure you're looking for. I believe you'll need to create a project/solution to work on it in, but you can just make it a throwaway one if you aren't working toward a PXE. When you're done making changes to the file, just go to Build>Publish Selected Procedure To... and you'll be able to browse to the proc.dir that you were editing out of.

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