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Our MET/CAL installation consists of several workstations that connect to a central server, and the procedures are on a shared directory. (MET/TEAM also uses a shared directory.) The problem with this approach is that every once in a while, some miscreant opens a virus laden email, which infects their computer then jumps to the networked drive that has the shared directory, eating everything in the shared directory (despite all the paranoid security measures we have in place). Our IT department then spends the next three hours scrambling to clean up the mess, restoring backup copies, etc., while instigating a witch-hunt to find the responsible party.

So my idea is to do away with the shared directory altogether and store the procedures, accuracy files, etc. locally on each computer, and only connect to the database through an IP address. The problem with that approach is making sure each station is using the same revision of procedures, accuracy files, etc., whether by individual procedures or PXE files. Has anyone here tried to do it this way, and if so, how well has it worked out for you?

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Michael Schwartz

You should be able to install the software in a standalone configuration then point the database to the server.   I have never tried this.. But I can see no reason why it can't be done..



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