Copying Procedures from METCAL 7.3 to METCAL 8.1

I have an old lap top with METCAL 7.3 with many older procedures and a newer computer with METCAL 8.1 installed and many other GOLD procedures. I need to pull/copy the 7.3 procedures onto a USB and bring it over to the new 8.1 METCAL to load them. The old ones are .pro but the newer ones are not.

What's the process of extracting/importing/converting them from my old laptop onto the newer METCAL 8.1 machine?

Please advise. Thanks.

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Michael Johnston

You can still run the old style procedure directories (proc.dir with associated .pro files) in 8.1, so just bring your whole procedure folder over and run it the same way.

Ultimately, you'll probably want to convert your procedures to PXEs (procedure executable files). You can do that in the editor, by going to File>New>Project from Existing Procedure, selecting your proc.dir, checking the "Exclude Hidden Procedures" button, and selecting all your main procedures, then clicking Select. That will bring up some windows to set up your process, and then you can mass convert all your pro files into PXEs.

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