Pre-prompt customization

I'm working on developing the pre-prompt for the MET/CAL Runtime. There are three fields I want to populate:


Relative Humidity:

Atmospheric Pressure:

I can get these to cooperate with me for the pre-prompt using the DewK and some other tools for the atmospheric pressure. The fourth field I want to have in the pre-prompt is the Job Number for the Work Order. Our anticipated use of the Job Number is as a designator that ties multiple Work Orders and UUTs to a particular customer or batch of new devices to be tested. The Job Number would be used to find all Work Orders and associated tests and UUTs for tracking, cert printing etc. It is important that work orders can be searched by the Job Number. 

My challenge is that using this:


CallSheets.cTemperature TEMP$
CallSheets.cHumidity RH$
CallSheets.cPressure ATMP$
gives an error
The field also only supports numbers. Our Job Numbers have letters preceeding them. MET/TEAM allowa alpha-numeric entries, but the pre-prompt does not. If I don't try to use .nJobNumberUID and use another field, the data is written without incident. 
What's the recommended way to link Work Orders in an easily searchable manner during the pre-prompt?


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Chad D.

Hi Samuel, I noticed you are customizing the prompt screens using MET/TEAM as your database.  I moved your post to the MET/TEAM Group since customizing these fields results in a change to the embedded MET/TEAM browser window.

Aaron DeMarre

Samuel, 'nJobNumberUID' is the internal ID for the Job Number object. This field is how MET/TEAM ties Work Orders (CallSheets) to the Job Number table internally, and is not a user facing value. The "Job Number" the user sees on the MET/TEAM screen is actually JobNumbers.cJobOrderNumber, but this is not what gets associated with the Work Order.

Unfortunately, unless you know the internal Job Order ID, there is no way to create this relationship in the pre-prompt or post-prompt screens. However, at the end of a cal the full Work Order screen is displayed, and you can associate a Job Number with the Work Order at this time.

So there is facility to do this at the end of a cal, just not via the prompt screen mechanism.

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