How can I create a .ini file?

I have a Fluke 5522A which every year has to be calibrated and every calibration I have to update the uncertainties but I don't know how to create a .ini file in order to not type the values in all the procedures.

So my question is:

How can I create a .ini file?

How do I have tu call it from a procedure?

Please adn thank you 


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Michael Schwartz

There are a lot of ways to tackle this problem...

1) LIke you are trying to do, reading data from an ini file. 

  2.024  MATH         @Corr= RIF(@File792ACal, "AC/DC_Diff", @Data)
 This code was cut from a Fluke 5970A Calibration procedure I am working on. 
Also.. You can download an ini value editor program we wrote.  This only allows the users to edit the values.  They are not able to change the structure of the ini file. 

2) We don't use the Fluke FSC's anymore.  This article covers how we are able to write the uncertainties in the drivers.  When we calibrated you only have to update one procedure and done... 

3) This is the third generation of how we are doing uncertainties... Completly removed from MET/CAL.  Additionally, it allows all your lab software to use the same uncertainty calculations from the same source.

Hope this helps.. 


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