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I want to email calibration due notices using Crystal Reports. Is there a way to email to different addresses from the same report? I have a report that generates due notices and has page breaks by department. Can I send the pages as  an attachment to the different department within Crystal Reports? Is there a separate program I can run the report through to accomplish this?

Met/Track ver. 8.1.601 and Crystal 20011 ver. 14.0.4

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Patrick Butler

If you want to automatically email cal due reports, you should switch over to the MET/TEAM platfrom. MET/TEAM has a feature built in for creating a variety of alerting schedules where Crystal Reports can be setup to run on a schedule. Then, they are delivered automatically to the recipients.

Dericco, Robert (SSA R4)

Thanks Patrick for your suggestion, but I don't need to make the reporting automatic. I just want to be able to run the report and be able to email the result to the different departments that have due items.

Regards, Robert

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