Looking for manual or automated calibration procedures for Fluke equipment

I need manual or automated calibration procedures for the following fluke equipment.

97 (no RS-232 interface)





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Luc Claeys

This is what I use in Manual Met/Cal for Fluke 62 Mini (see PDF)

This is what I use for Fluke i410 (not 80i410) (see TXT)

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Chad D.

Hello Chuck G, the MET/CAL Gold Procedure CD includes several varieties of automated procedures for the Fluke 97.  As I'm sure you already know, these procedures support remote calibration using RS-232, but you may be able to adapt them for manual calibration, if you need them quickly.  Due to the age of these units, we may not be able to support manual calibrations for them quickly.

The Fluke 2166A is a very old unit, we don't currently have a MET/CAL Gold procedure for this one.  I will add a support ticket for these procedures, but again, due to the age of the units, we may not be able to offer support for them quickly.

The Fluke 62 MINI, along with many IR thermometers and temperature measurement devices in general, aren't typically covered by MET/CAL Gold procedures since they are typically calibrated in batches.  The speed bottleneck in calibrating them is typically the settling time of the reference at each temperature point.  We are very aware of this single-asset calibration limitation within MET/CAL, and are evaluating possible enhancements in the future to address.  I have been considering writing some sample IR thermometer procedures for the MET/CAL Gold CD, primarily to demonstrate the use of procedure level drivers for dry wells, and will add the Fluke 62 MINI to the list of possible UUTs to cover.

The following Gold procedure is available for the Fluke i410:

Fluke i410: (1 year) CAL VER /5520,5500COIL,DMM, Revision: 1.5

Sussy Kraus


I have the Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer.

How do I check if it is giving me the correct reading? Can it be calibrated? 

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