Change the device connected via the driver VISA

Does anyone know that during the procedure, you can change the address of the device connected via the VISA driver?

Example code for bus GPIB

ieee [@01] *idn?
#Change the address
ieee [@07] *idn?

And what about the VISA?



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Michael J.

The VISA FSC can only be used for the Device Under Test. MET/CAL does not currently allow the use of VISA controlled standards.

andrey zuykov

I correctly understood that it is better not to connect the standards via LAN?
Some of the standards have only the LAN interface. How can I still address them?

Michael Schwartz


We created a tool called McNecComm.exe.The goal behind this was to connect MET/CAL procedures to our Metrology.NET Drivers for calibrating PXI Instruments and other non-VISA TCP/IP instruments. I wrote a paper about this for NCSLI http://www.callabsolutions.com/calibrating-a-uut-on-a-remote-computer-using-fluke-metcal/

I find it easier to write a remote executable and parse text strings than spending hours getting the data types and function calls figured out using the LIB FSC.  Most manufacturers will give you a C++ .h file or another interface file and all you have to do is include that in your project. 

In the paper, I reference a call "UUT" on the McNetComm.exe, but you can any and multiple aliases.  It will also support LXI and VISA Sockets. 

If you are going to be at NCSLI this year. Let me know. 


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