Interval max with MET/TEAM

Has anyone tried using Interval Max with Met/TEAM?  What software are people using for Interval Analysis with MET/TEAM?



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Michael J.

Hi Richard,

What type of analysis are you wanting to do? We do have a data check we were working on to do individual asset-level adjustment, based on a required number of in-tolerance calibrations to extend the interval a given percentage and then a given percentage to reduce it by for a failed cal.

If you're looking to do it more on a type-level basis, I'd suggest creating a simple Crystal Report or even a SQL query that pulls the number of passed and total services by type and then use Excel or another software to analyze it that way.

I'm not familiar with Interval Max, but there's a couple ways I think you could go about it.

Jeannie Roberts

Michael, we need to do Interval analysis as well. And this data check sounds like what we need. Is this data check available to Gold members? Thanks.

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