Fluke 123 Verification Test

Hi everyone,

I am trying to run a verification test on a Fluke 123 (industrial Scopemeter)

using MET/CAL and keep receiving a Syntax error when going through the

contrast test. When manual executing to get through that I then arrive at the

Input A and B baseline jump test and get an execution error. What may cause

this syntax error and execution error? I am currently using MET/CAL version 7.

The software version for the FLUKE 123 is V02.04. When connecting the PM 9080

optical cable the MET/CAL screen shows Firmware Rev: V02.04 and Firmware date

2009-01-12. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thank You!!

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Brett Jeffers

Check out this step by step guide on how to make the connection b/w the scopemeter and computer via PM9080.  It explains quite a bit, even explaining some syntax errors and proper settings.


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