New MET/CAL Procedures just released

This release includes MET/CAL® procedures covering Fluke, HP/Agilent, and National Instruments products, designed to increase productivity and efficiency for MET/CAL® users. Here are some examples of the procedures:


  • NI USB-4065 6½-digit DMM*
  • NI PXI-4070 6½-digit DMM*
  • Fluke 30/31/33 DMMs
  • Fluke 525A and 525B temperature/pressure calibrators
  • Fluke 374/375/376/381 clamp meters
  • HP/Agilent 8563E, 8563EC, 8564E and 8564EC spectrum analyzers
  • Fluke 51/52 thermometers
  • Agilent DSO 7000B digital storage oscilloscopes

*Requires MET/CAL® Software Version 8.0—the latest version of MET/CAL adds a new Library FSC that enables calibration of National Instruments PXIs and many more.

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