MET/TEAM- General

MET/TEAM does not prompt to save data when you hit the refresh button on a form. Is this by design?

The refresh button doesn’t save data. It refreshes (redraws) the screen. Data is only saved by the save button or in the case of grids by the action of selecting the “+” button and performing the actions required on the next screen that is displayed.                             

Is there a document that compares MET/TEAM to the competition?                                      

This is not currently available.                                    

MET/TEAM - Installation and Requirements

How do you control the time out settings?                                        

It is defined in the web configuration file. There is a separate one for the main application and one for the customer portal. Editing this file is not recommended. Discuss this with support if you need to change this setting.                                               

When using the mobile option, does the mobile computer require a 64-bit OS?                                             


MET/TEAM - Database

Do SQL Server management tools have the ability to get statistics about utilization of and connections to the database?                                               

There is an activity monitor available by default in the SQL Management Studio.                               

Where are files stored in the database?                                              

They are stored in one table and then made available to the other screens as needed.                                 

MET/TEAM - Work Orders

Can we use a data check or some other method to automatically generate work orders?                            


What are the values that get recorded on the log notes screen of the work order?                                         

Only the values displayed. If you double click a log note, you can see who created the log note.

Can I unlock a work order?                                         

Currently no. This will be added in a future release. You will need certain user rights to do this. 

How do I generate reports like Quick Reports in MET/TRACK and apply criteria?                                             

Use the print button on the Find screen to get the data you are after. The data will be dumped to a .csv file that you can open in Excel and apply all the formatting and filtering needed.                               

Can the tabs be hidden on the Work Order screen?                                       


MET/TEAM – Procedures

Can a procedure be locked so that the standards required are not editable?                                     

Yes and No. Standards can be independently added to both the procedure and the work order. Currently there is no way to stop users from modifying standards on the work order. More than one procedure can be associated with the asset type, each containing its own standards list. If types and procedures are properly used, the standards on a work order will be limited.                                           

If you select a procedure from within MET/TEAM, only authorized procedures are available. If you go through MET/CAL and run a procedure, you can select any procedure you want for any asset.                       

This is no different than the way MET/CAL works today.  We can look into adding an option to prevent MET/CAL from updating a work order that does not have the specified procedure associated with its Type.                                            

MET/TEAM - Receiving

The receiving process allows for specifying a quantity (e.g. a gage block set with x pieces). Can pricing then be tied to the individual piece and multiplied by the quantity automatically?                                               

This is exactly the purpose of this field.                                 

MET/TEAM - Recall Escalation

Is recall escalation in MET/TEAM Express?                                         

No, it is only available in MET/TEAM Full.                                              


Where is the help file stored?                                 

The Help file should only be accessed through the application, however the file is stored in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\METTEAM\Content\help_doc.                                   

MET/TEAM - Data Checks

Is it possible to use a data check and Java Script to pull in temperature and humidity data from a DewK into a MET/TEAM work order when not using MET/CAL?                                  

No, this is not possible.  Data Checks are not intended to launch desktop applications from the browser.                                              

If I outsource for my customer and mark it up 10%. Is there a way to automatically add this mark up as a fixed percentage?                                               

There is no built in mechanism but this could be accomplished using a custom data check.                                           

MET/TEAM Migration

Will the migration tool include the user and aux tables?                                             

There is a custom item on the migration dialog that enables the transfer of these tables. However, the migration tool is not designed to be a standalone migration tool. Migrating data will require support be involved in the process.                                              

What is the anticipated time to migrate over a basic database vs. a highly customized one?                      

The size of the database, the horse power of the PC, and whether or not the user migrates all calibration history or just the most recent record determine the time required. Small databases will be < 1 hour and large database can take several hours.                                        

Will the migration tool create the combo values so that drop down lists are pre-setup based on the MET/TRACK validation values?                                          

Yes and no. In cases that the combo makes sense coming from MET/TRACK to MET/TEAM it is handled.                                               

MET/TEAM - Mobile

What happens when a person adds procedures or types in the field using MET/TEAM Mobile and someone in the lab happens to add the same procedure or type?                                   

No data will be lost or overwritten since this is adding new data to the system. This will create duplicate records though. The lab will need to employ some business rules for what they allow their technicians to do when in the field.                                     

If I make a change to an asset in mobile and in the main database, who wins?                                  

The last change wins. This is similar to two people editing the same asset, the last save is kept.                                 

If you go mobile and checkout a customer, what happens if you discover a UUT you were not expecting to calibrate but you do have the item in your database for other customers?                                    

All of the procedures in the system go with you, regardless of the customer.                                     


While an asset is being calibrated in Runtime, is there anything done to lock down the record so that it cannot be edited by another user in MET/TEAM?                                               

Nothing prevents someone else from editing. If this is a problem, you will want to consider using custom security groups so that only certain users can edit records.                                           


Date Votes
Scott Prieskop

Will procedures, picture files, accuracy files, executables, reports, etc. still need to be accessed through a drive letter mapped to the server MET/TEAM is installed on, or can they be accessed via the same IP address as MET/TEAM? That would make setting up VPN tunnels to remote labs unnecessary if MET/TEAM can be installed on a "cloud" server (e.g. Amazon EC2).

Fely Peterson

MET/TEAM - generating crystal reports
Does MET/TEAM use the application pool to connect to the db for reports?  The app is up and functioning but the reports are failing and throwing an error: 

Exception message:  Database logon failed. at CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.Controllers.ReportSourceClass.Export.....

I would like to know where else in MET/TEAM is the db credentials set.


Bryan Kram

In a few cases our reports were failing on NULL values in the tables where the reports weren't set to handle them and would throw up a big error page in metteam when trying to print.  It took editing the database directly (with SQL scripts) to fix it.

Hopefully that isn't your problem.  If you make a ticket and send your report, Fluke Support should be able to fix it for you.

Freddie Lochner

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