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I am currently in test and each time I restore the database I have to go in and manually update each label. For efficiency,  I would like to write a script to make the updates but am unsure which table this data is located. Can someone point me in the right direction?

I need to be able to update the label text, the enable, visible and required propertis and change control type.


Any help would be appreciated!


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Bryan Kram

I did that many times myself.  Instead of restoring from an empty database, I made all of those changes, backed up that version and restored from it from then on.

Hope that helps.

Freddie Lochner
ConRes Cal Lab

Crystal Bazil

I found the table after posting my question. Labels are located in the dbo.UCIData table and you can execute dbo.spl_UCIData_UPDATE to update the label text.

I havent tested whether I can enable or disable a fields properties (enable, visible, required) in this table yet but hopefully this will help someone in a similiar situation.

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