Save Procedure Path and Filename in Calibration Table

Hello everyone,

When a procedure is executed and the results saved, the procedure used is saved in the calibration table of the database "Calibration Procedure Used", Field C2320. This is the Procedure name assigned in the Instrument Line of the Main Procedure File in a project.
But: How can you find this procedure again, if you need to look for a pxe file, that can have a very diffrent name, when you select a procedure in Runtime with Calibrate-> Procedure Executable?

There ought to be a way to save the path and filename of the executed procedure into the calibration table, so you can easily find the last executed procedure for a instrument and have it replicable.

My idea is to write the procedure name and path to the variable.dat file during execution and save it to the database with the post test dialog.

Problem is: How can i read the Path & Filename of the Procedure in a Met/Cal Procedure?

I only found the MATH PXETEMP()  Function, but this is not what I am looking for.

Thanks for your Ideas and Help




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