Combo Data

Has anyone else added items to a combo list in MetTeam?

If so, is anyone else as annoyed with this as I am?  I really don't like the way this works in MetTeam.  I think I understand why they did it this way, but it's still a poor way to do it.  I can't see any real advantage to having ALL combo data, for ALL combo fields in a single massive list.  This would probably work out okay if a database only had a few combo fields.  I, however, tend to use combo boxes quite a bit to help ensure data consistency and integrity.

When you are using a lot of combo boxes, with a lot of selections in each, the method MetTeam uses for adding values is horrendous.  The "customization" list becomes excessively long, and, what's more, there is no ability to begin typing and have the list match your typed value.  You have to scroll through the list to see if the value you want to add is already there.

If anyone else has used this "feature" and dislikes it as much as I do, please voice your opinion here.  Maybe we can get them to improve this.  I, personally, prefer the way this works in MetTrack.  Although all of the combo data is stored in one table, it is limited by the particular field.

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