Tektronix MDO-4000 Series : Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

We just finished the whole series of Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes from Tektronix.  And I have to say it is a long procedure 2 Days manually 3.5 hours automated.   But I think well worth the investment if you are seeing them in your lab..

Our procedure is 100% automated performing 100% of the steps in the manually with no user interaction except for connections..  The procedure covers all for channels, all bandwidths, the spectrum analyzer and the digital channels. .

The required standards are:
     Fluke 9500. 1 or 4 channel
     Agilent 33250A
     Agilent PSG or ESG Signal Generator  (2 required up to 6 and 4.5 GHz)
     Agilent E4418B\19B with Power Sensor

** We will be adding additional standard configuration shortly.

If you have any questions about this procedure drop me a line..


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