Remote measurement data Yokogawa LR8100E

Hello everyone, see if you can help me ...
The issue is that there are 3 or 4 Yokogawa LR8100e. We have a procedure set up to MET / CAL, UBP remote control (such as changing channel, range, etc). But the manual data entry through the keyboard action, and we are not capazaces of doing automatically.
According to GP-IB manual every time you want to take a measurement remotely, you do so at your TS0, FM0 and "GET" commands to throw it in ASCII format, so I understand:
IEEE                 TS0,TM0,GET?[d2000][I]
But causes error, then the UBP should launch a chain of 10 lines:
N 1 V .- 412E-4
N 2 V .- 410E-4
N 3 V .+    0E-2
N 4 V .+    0E-2
N 5 V .+    0E-2
N 6 V .+    0E-2
N 7    .+    0E-2
NE8 A2 .+0E-2
There is no possibility that the recorder launch a only channel, according to its manual. So in the end I opted for something like this:
IEEE          TS0,TM0,GET?[d2000][I>>archive.txt]
But I also get an error (timeout E2746 and unexpected SRQ from UTT E2110) and not dump anything (the file is created), and I was wondering if you have any idea of what can happen ...


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Emilio Lasheras


Michael Johnston

Have you tried sending that command to the DUT through NI MAX or Keysight IO Libraries to see if the response is correct?

Emilio Lasheras

Yes, try it with NiMax, but nothing, it does not respond

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