What is the Difference between REPEAT and CANCEL on the Post Test Summary screen during MET/CAL Runtime


The basic function of Repeat is to repeat the current step. The precise operation of Repeat depends on the current setting of the ASK 'P' flag in the procedure.

If the ‘P’flag is set ( ASK+ P ), the procedure is re-started at the current procedure line when the operator selects the Post Test Repeat option.

If the ‘P’ flag is not set ( ASK- P ), the procedure is re-started at the first statement of the current test. The step number of the first statement of the test has the form XX.001.

Note : that when a test is repeated more than once (that is, executed more than twice), MET/CAL saves only the first and last results for that test step. But it is ONE evaluation since it is the same test step number executing!


Selecting Cancel is the same as Repeat (see above) except that when the operator chooses Cancel, the result of the canceled test is not saved.

As with Repeat, the procedure step on which execution resumes is controlled by the current setting of the ASK ‘P’ flag.

The Post Test Cancel button can be disabled (grayed out) by not setting the ASK ‘X’ flag ( ASK-  X ) in the procedure.


So in almost all cases it is better to use CANCEL instead of repeat



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