Multichoice.exe Problem

I wrote a procedure for a 34401A that works perfect at my location. When I compiled it into a .pxe procedure and transfered it to our other labs, some of the labs are getting the following errors when trying to use the "test selection method" that uses the multichoice.exe:

File Error: "Cound not locate MetCal.ini File"


File Error: "DodDose.dat not found".

The multichoice.exe file was in the project when I compiled it. The other labs having the problem are using a remote server that is hosting MetTeam/MetCal. I also put a copy of multichoice.exe under the the UserPrograms directory of our shared drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here is the code:

  2.023  MATH         @ExecutedTestsList = ""

# if the user is not permitted to run the procedure in test selection mode
#   then bound out the OPBR lines below..
  2.025  MATH         MEM1=-1
  2.026  OPBR         This procedure can be ran in End-to-End Mode or
  2.026  OPBR         Test Selection Mode where you can select individual
  2.026  OPBR         test and run them one at a time.
  2.026  OPBR
  2.026  OPBR         Do you want the run this procedure End-to-End mode?
  2.027  JMPL         Start_sequencer                                (MEM1==1)
  2.028  JMPL         Start_selection

#======================= * End to End Sequencer * ============================
  2.029  JMPL         Start_sequencer
  2.030  EVAL   CLS
  3.001  LABEL        Start_sequencer
  3.002  MATH         @RunMode = "Full"

# ===========================================================================
# =================== SELF TEST =============================================
  3.003  LABEL        Self_Test
  3.004  MATH         MEM2 = "self_test"
  3.005  MATH         @ExecutedTestsList = @ExecutedTestsList & "," & MEM2
  3.006  CALL         Sub 34401A Self Test IEEE SCPI
  3.007  JMPL         Start_selection               ZCMPI(@RunMode, "Single")
  3.008  JMPL         Zero_Test


# A bunch of code for the tests is between this

#======================= * Test Selection Mode * =============================
  4.063  LABEL        Start_selection
  4.064  MATH         @RunMode = "Single"

  4.065  MATH         MEM2="#Directions, Select the Test to Run."
  4.066  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#1,1-Self Test"
  4.067  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#2,2-Zero Test"
  4.068  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#3,3-DC Volts"
  4.069  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#4,4-AC Volts"
  4.070  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#5,5-DC Current"
  4.071  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#6,6-AC Current"
  4.072  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#7,7-4-Wire Ohms"
  4.073  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#8,8-2-Wire Ohms"
  4.074  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#9,9-Frequency"
  4.075  MATH         MEM2=MEM2&"#10,Exit"
  4.076  DOS          -a MultiChoice.exe

  4.077  JMPL         Self_Test                  (MEM==1)
  4.078  JMPL         Zero_Test                  (MEM==2)
  4.079  JMPL         DC_Volts_Cal               (MEM==3)
  4.080  JMPL         AC_Volts_Cal               (MEM==4)
  4.081  JMPL         DC_Current_Cal             (MEM==5)
  4.082  JMPL         AC_Current_Cal             (MEM==6)
  4.083  JMPL         4Wire_Ohms_Cal             (MEM==7)
  4.084  JMPL         2Wire_Ohms_Cal             (MEM==8)
  4.085  JMPL         Frequency_Cal              (MEM==9)
  4.086  JMPL         Report_Not_Tested_Points                      (MEM==10)

  4.087  DISP         Error Selecting a Procedure to Run
  4.088  JMPL         Start_selection


Here is the metcal.ini:


METTEAM               =
Storage               =METTEAM

ptitle_l              =Our Company

ptitle_r              = MET/CAL Procedure

ExtendedUnits         = 1
acc_check             = no
ask_c_default         = no
ask_x_default         = yes
beep                  = off
due_date_in_cal       = no
in_cal_req            = no
oot_lim               = 100
pass100               = yes
port                  = COM2
rt_demo_prompt        = yes
systype               = meter
tol_ref               = nominal
tur_lim               = 1.0

ib_nport              =1
ib_type               =GPIB-USB-A
ib_dmachan            = 1
ib_ioaddr             =210

shareddir             =Y:
accdir                =y:\acc
correctdir            =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\Corrections
cortemplates          =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METBASE\shared\CorTemplates
helpdir               =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\Help
mathfiledir           =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\MathFiles
password_dir          =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL
picdir                =Y:\pic
procdir               =Y:\proc\Approved
rifwifdir             =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\IniFiles
rinfdir               =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METBASE\shared
user_cwd              =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL
user_data_dir         =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL
user_prog_dir         =Y:\UserPrograms
workdir               =C:\ProgramData\Fluke
rslt_col_template     =

bcf                   =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\barcode.dat
config                =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\config.dat
error_log             =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\errors.txt
fail_prompt           =Y:\PromptFiles\fail_db_mt.txt
pass_prompt           =Y:\PromptFiles\pass_db_mt.txt
prompt                =Y:\PromptFiles\promptdb_mt.txt
report_dir            =Y:\reports
varfile               =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\variable.dat
ColorFile             =C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\color.dat

db_report1            = Certificate of Calibration or Failed Calibration Report
db_report2            = Report of Calibration Ver 7 w/ colors
db_report3            = Report of Cal Ver 7 w/ Exp Uncert
db_report4            = Report of Calibration Ver 7 ONLY Failures
db_report5            =
db_report6            =
db_report7            =
db_report8            =


DB_login           = dsn=Calibration Data
Forcecase          = 0
version            = C


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Marcus Flack

MultiChoice.exe is most likely looking for metcal.ini in the Windows directory.  Stations that were upgraded are likely to have a copy of metcal.ini in the Windows directory even though the working copy is in the %Programdata%\Fluke path. The work around is to copy the metcal.ini file to the Windows directory on the affected stations.  If an ini file setting is changed, the udpated file should be copied back to the Windows directory after the update.   

Michael Schwartz

There are two things going on here..

1) We are CLS has not explicitly tested MultiChoice.exe with MET/CAL 8.0 and above. The tool was originally written for MET/CAL 6.0 and has been a great tool over the years.

2) We have updated the MultiChoice.exe and fully tested it with MET/Cal 7.3.  The data path structure should be the same.

MLF is correct the older version of MultiChoice.exe is looking for the Metcal.ini file in the Windows Directory.  I was written to find the Dosdose.dat and the last place it looks is in the metcal.ini file.

It sounds like what you need is an update copy of MultiChoice.exe.

If you can send me your E-mail address I will get an update out to you ASP. 


PS.  The updated exe has support for dual monitors.

Christian Tarr

Thanks CLS and MLF.

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