Cal Report Creation/Tweakage w/Crystal 14 & Metteam

Is anyone having trouble creating or modifying cal reports with Crystal 14 & Metteam? I have not been able to access any of the dB tables or fields, so I can't produce a working cal report that includes all the criteria I want.

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.


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Ed W.


We have created a video to help address this issue, unfortunately because of its size we cannot currently share it directly here on the community forum,  Until we get this issue resolved, you can send a request to softwaresupport@flukecal.com and ask for a copy of the "Video - Update Crystal report connection info.mp4" to be sent to you via the FTP client. 

NOTE: We are working to resolve the issue so we will be able to provide access to videos in the future.

david morgan


Patrick put it on the ftp site for me a few days ago & I've watched it - excellent presentation.

I'm still working with our IT gang to get dB permissions squared away. In fact, I just sent them a copy of the detailed email explanation you sent me several weeks ago, so they can use it as a troubleshooting guide.

Thanks for your help.

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