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Good afternoon all;

I can't find documentation on how to re-build the proc.dir when it hangs up.  This has happened to me before in the past and there seems to be a very easy fix.  Does anyone remember?





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James Smith

This is known to happen on occasion. Rebuilding the directory is fairly simple, however there is one drawback. When the directory gets rebuilt, all procedures will be unhidden. You will have to go back and hide all your sub routines. DO NOT DELETE EVERYTHING. You only want to delete the proc.dir. 


1 - Within MetCal go to the folder that contains the directory. You will want to already be there so when you delete your proc.dir the list of procedures will be available.

2 - In windows find the proc.dir. Delete the Proc.dir file. DO NOT DELETE the rest of them. Just the proc.dir. I suggest making a copy of it and renaming it for archival and backup purposes. Just rename it .txt or something.

3 - In MetCal go to open a procedure. The list should be available. Click on the "Validate procedures on Load" check box. it will error out saying something to the effect of proc.dir cannot be found, do you want to rebuild. Tell it yes and it will rebuild your procedure directory.

Bill Allen

That's it!  Thanks!  I knew it was an easy task but I needed to make sure before I start deleting things. surprise



William Green

I'll give you my two cents. I've been doing this a long time. I recommend creating projects from all of your known good procedures. Met/Team requires this. Met/Track does not. I've had complete directories wiped out and even Fluke couldn't rebuild them. I have never had a PXE file crash!

It's really easy. Open the procedure in Editor. Click File - New - Project from Existing Procedure. Open & Select the Procedure. Name the Project. Click OK.

It'll ask if you want to include external files. I always say yes.

Next, open the main procedure. Select Build - Publish Package.

Open your Project folder and save the PXE file to the Project you've just created.

Like I said I've never had a Project (PXE file) crash!

Takes a few minutes, but well worth the time! Fluke can give you more information.

I'm not sure what versions of Met/Cal this is available in.

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