Is it possible to pause a procedure and restart it on another computer

Is it possible to pause a procedure and restart it on another computer.

If I have an Instrument that has both Electrical and Pressure.

The two Standards are at differant location in the lab and it would be nice to be able to do.


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Alan Cordner


I can see what you are asking. Kind of like the feature DirecTV offers for starting to watch a recording in one room, then pausing it, going into another room and resuming watching the recording from where you left off! I use that feature at home once in a while.

Unfortunately, MET/CAL does not offer such a feature at this time. In order to accomplish that, MET/CAL would have to somehow preserve the state of the calibration at the time you pause it and somehow be able to transfer that state information to the other workstation so that you could resume the calibration.

That's a pretty cool idea for a future enhancement, though!


Chad D.

Alan is correct, there is no direct way to do it within a single procedure today.  However, there may be a solution that could work for you if you are on a networked MET/CAL installation, and were willing and able to split the single procedure into two parts.  Each part could then be ran on separate workstations, and you could merge the results in MET/TRACK (using the Tools--> Combine Calibrations) after they were finished, allowing you to produce the results from both procedures in a single report.

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