Met/Team Configuration

Hello everyone!!! Can someone tell me if I can customize ( add fields) the different entry screens in Met/Team 2?

I know that we couldn't do that in version 1 .

Thanks in advance for the info!!



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David Ching

Aloha All,

In Metteam went to workflow, workorders, find, sample-87, cert, print. Nothing in the report line up. Never seen this before.

Any clues? Crystall reports?  Shouldn't it work with flukes sample database?

Yes, I have sent this to software support too. w/pdf image.



Attachment not imported: doesnt_line_up.pdf
Kevin Perkins

Hello Protech,

I talked to tech support about this before. As far as I understand you cannot add or move any of the fields in the screens. You can change the description/name of most of the fields and you can also hide them. If you want to put in additional information than what is on the screen you have to use the extended data fields. In the Asset screen they are located in the "Asset Characteristics" tab. On the right side of that screen it is labeled as Ex data.

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