34401 FSC Timeout error in Met/Cal 8.3.0

After an upgrade to Met/Cal 8.3.0 our 34401A multimeter stopped responding to the 34401 FSC.  The 34401A did appear on the GPIB interface and it responded to commands.

The code line:

34401       1V               0.1u                                                                        2w

Results in the 34401 responding  and taking a measurement. Met/Cal keeps waiting and after a minute issues a E2702 Time out error.

Inspection of the NI IO trace utility showed that a “FETCH?” command was missing. This command did show up in the MetCal 7.3.38 version that we use. There appears to be a bug in the 34401 Met/Cal driver.

The same time out error occurs with our Keithley 2001 multimeter.

Is anyone else having this problem?


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James Smith

I have nothing. We don't upgrade to the newest version until it has been out for a while (atleast a few months). 

Albert de Neeling

Thanks Chad,

Met/Cal Runtime and Editor are ok now.

Daniel Reza

Glad to see this resolved as I was experiencing the same problem and downgraded metcal to the last update before 8.3

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