RS232 Command for a Fluke 45

Hello everyone!!! I need help figuring out how to set a Fluke 45 in REL mode on the 300 Ohm range using a RS232 command.

I tried using only REL but I am getting a message the the command was recognised but not executed.

Thanks in advance!!

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Chad D.


I think this will do what you are asking, but without error checking or efforts to retry a failed command.
 1.001 PORT [P9600,N,8,1,X][T15000][OTERM LF][TERM LF] 1.002 PORT REMS[D50][I$] 1.003 PORT OHMS;RATE M;RANGE 1[D50][I$] 1.004 PORT REL[D50][I$]

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