Newbie needs help with old UUTs

Hello, I manage an in-house calibration lab and support many types of instruments and transducers.  I'm brand new to MetCal and I have no programming experience.  I'm hoping I'll still find MetCal useful in saving me time.  I have quite a few older meters that I've been calibrating manually with an old standard that I'd like to automate with my new 5522A.  I'm not having much luck finding procedures for older gear on the Gold site.  It seems I'm at a big disadvantage not being in the game from when MetCal was new as older procedures are no longer available.

Does this forum encourage sharing of user-created procedures?  Sales lit mentioned available user procedures but I've yet to find a source. I expected something like a GIDEP to be happening here.


(examples: 8840A no IEEE, 8842A, 741B no RS232)


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Michael Johnston

For the most part, this community is great for getting help on specific issues when you're using or developing your own procedures. A lot of us are in positions for our companies that we are writing procedures, but that also means that most of us aren't really able to just pass our procedures around. There are different companies out there to buy them from, like Cal Lab Solutions. My company has been looking at marketing the ones I've been making.

Your best bet is probably to look at some of the gold procedures from Fluke and adapt them to create your own. You could also take the training through Fluke to get a more extensive education. I taught myself to write procedures looking at good procedures and the help file.

Like I said, if you have specific questions about how to do something, there's lots of knowledge in this group, or from the service support guys at Fluke, who also check in here.

Krista E.

Hey Mark,

This is a good generic spot to ask for some of the old freebies as well.  I'll continue to work with you on finding procedures  you may need.


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