Tracking Changes in MET/CAL Editor 8.0

You may have already noticed the color bars appearing and changing along the left margin as you type and save procedure code using MET/CAL Editor 8.0.  These bars are a visual indicator for lines of procedure code that have changed from the originally opened file or procedure.  When a file is first opened, the margin area is blank.  Once edits are made, three different color indicators are used to track the changes:

  • Yellow: Indicates that the line is different from the originally loaded file, and the changes have not yet been saved to disk.
  • Green: yellow bars change to green when the file is saved.  This indicates that the lines have been changed from the originally loaded file, and the changes have been saved to disk.
  • Orange: Indicates that your code matches the originally loaded file, but your changes that were saved to disk are different.

You can see the effects of change tracking by following a few steps:

  1. Open a file and make some changes to produce yellow bars.
  2. Save your file to change the yellow bars to green.
  3. Undo the change(s) to see the bars turn to orange.

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