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  I'm having problems logging into MetCal RunTime, problem just popped up end of last week prior to that things ran fine...what gives?  I'm getting an Error:1011 what is this? and How do I correct it?

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William (Bill) Spath


E1011 "No license available for connection" means that you do not have an available license to connect to the database.


What probably happened is the MET/CAL was not shut down properly and did not release the license as it closed (i.e. computer crashed).

Solution :

  Open MET/Track

  Sign in as "mt" level user (default password "mt")

  Cick on Setup-->Licenses

  Click on the tab "Connections"

  Highlight the user/connection in question

  Click on the "Drop Connection" button

Close MET/Track then sign back into Runtime




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