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Dear All,


I need acc files (1 year and 95%) for this instruments:



HP/Agilent 3458A

My program is version 7.3.19




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Dale Chaudiere

I believe those accuracy files are in the \ALT subfolder below the folder specified by accdir in your MET/CAL initialization file.  Note, if you copy a 95 % file from the ALT folder to accdir, you must move the 1 year, 99 % accuracy file out of accdir.   MET/CAL accuracy file selection is only based on instrument name and interval, no confidence.  Therefore, if you leave the 95 % and 99 % 1 year files for the instrument (e.g. 5720) in accdir, you willl get an error.

Srdjan Calija


When I open instalation CD i can t find this file (\ALT) - maybe I am not so good with PC?

It is not need to delete other accuracy files.

I put this line:

  1.002  ACCF         5790           5790_99.acc

If you don t put this line I think that MET/CAL put 90 day specification for this standard?


If I got 95% I put

  1.002  ACCF         5790           5790_95.acc


For this standard it is not need 95 because FLUKE give only this specification for 99%.


I can make this accuracy files but I need a lot of time.

I just want to save my time.


Thanks for help!




Michael Johnston

Inside the acc folder should be where the alt folder is.

Dale Chaudiere

Not the CD, the folder created after MET/CAL is installed.  After installation, open the MET/CAL initialization file (default %ProgramData%\fluke\metcal.ini), using a text editor (e.g. notepad).  Search for the parameter "accdir".  Use the Windows Explorer to view the folder specified by this parameter "accdir".  There will be a subfolder named "alt".  The 95 % confidence files are located in this folder.

I highly recommend NOT using ACCF.  This MATH FSC function should be used only as a last resort.  The preferred method is to move the 99 % confidence accuracy file for the device to the "alt" folder (e.g. 5790_99.acc).  Then copy the corresponding 95 % confidence accuracy file for the device from the "alt" folder to the parent folder (e.g 5790_95.acc).

The fundamental design of MET/CAL is that the name of the accuracy file is NOT what makes it unique.  MET/CAL uses the Instrument Name (e.g. instrument = Fluke 5790A) and recall interval (e.g. interval = 90 days) for selection of the proper accuracy file for the confgured asset.  Basically, you could rename 5790_99.acc to ACMS.acc and MET/CAL would still use it for "Fluke 5790A" configured with an asset of a 90 day recall interval.  However, "confidence = <n> sigma" is currently NOT used to determine this selection.

ACCF overrides this design.  ACCF forces a particular file to be used for the FSC, regardless of the information in the accuray file header.  For example, the following statement will compile and execute without error, even though it makes no sense.

ACCF 5790 5720.acc

If you cannot find <accdir>\alt, you should contact your MET/SUPPORT.   <accdir>\alt should have been created when you installed MET/CAL.

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