Spectracom 8164 WWVB Disciplined Oscillator Replacement

In need of some suggestions to replace our obsolete Spectracom 8164 WWVB Disciplined Oscillator.  This isn't related to METCAL, but figured this might be a good place to receive some help.  Below are some models I'm currently researching:

1) Spectracom GPS-12R Portable GPS Frequency Standard

2) Spectracom GPS-88/89 GPS-based Frequency Standard

3) Spectracom 6688/6689 Stand-Alone Frequency Standard

4) Fluke 910/910R GPS Frequency Standard

If anyone has some feedback or advice on any of these standards, please list any input.



-Tyson Wheeler

Calibration Technician



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William Green

I have used the Fluke 910 and the Spectracom GPS based systems both worked fine. FYI, for the GPS based units you need an outside mounted antenna. That's the hard part. Compare specs and prices. Also how many workstations you wish to configure. There are people who know more than me. Also the GPS versions never have to be calibrated!

Michael Johnston

I personally like the Fluke 910 as well. I've found it to be simple to use and reliable.

Tyson Wheeler

Thanks for the input fellas!  I'm working on getting quotes as I speak.

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