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Hi, we are using a Fastenal locker to check in and out calibrated tools to our users. We would like the tool to be marked as "in service" when the user checks it out, and "ready for cal" when the user checks it in to the locker. As of right now the lockers cannot communicate with Metteam, but they can generate an Excel report daily or hourly to show asset activity. My question is, could we take this Excel report, import it in to Metteam and use that to update the tool status in Metteam?

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James Steeds

If the spreadsheet was in a share accessible to the computer running SQL server, then you could have a data check run from a scheduled report. The data check could run an SQL script to import the Excel file into a temporary table, before using that temporary table to perform the update on affected assets.

Did you get this to work? I'd be interested to know more about the lockers..

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