Converting 5520A statements to 5522A

I have a lot of older 5520A programs that I want to use with a new 5522a calibrator.  When I change the IEEE identifier from 5520 to 5522 I get an unrecognized statement error.  Samble: 5520         100.0000mV                                        S  2W

 TO: 5522         100.0000mV                                        S  2W  

and I get this upon compile: Error 1 E313: LINE 114: Unrecognized procedure statement. Agilent 34410A_ (1 year) CAL VER IEEE _5520.mc 114 0

what gives?  There has to be an easier way or my workload has just increased by 200%.  Any ideas out there?


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Michael J.

Hello Bill,

There's two parts to my answer. First, you don't need to make any changes to your procedures for them to use a 5522A instead of a 5520A. As long as you are running a version of MET/CAL that supports the device you are trying to use (a list is available in the knowledge base here: https://support.flukecal.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004569023-Device-Support-Added-by-MET-CAL-Versions), the 55xxA calibrators (excluding the 5500A) will device map to operate with multiple FSCs through Device Mapping.

The 5520 FSC can control both a 5522A and a 5520A. It is important to only configure one calibrator on your station at one time in your list of configured instruments.

The second part of the answer is that the 5522A FSC (along with the 5502E and 5502A FSCs) do not use the standard columnar format of the legacy FSCs like the 5520 FSC. The new FSCs are called NVI FSCs, which stands for "Name-Value Instrument" FSCs. The syntax is different, but simplified. It is explained in detail in the MET/CAL Help System, but by way of example for comparison, your existing line:

         5520         100.0000mV                                        S  2W

would be:

         5522A        +Volt = 100.0000mV

The new format improves readability of code dramatically, as well as making it easier to set various parameters without the need for auxiliary FSCs (like M5520) or remembering coded statements for MOD fields.


Bill Allen

thank you Mike - it worked like a charm.  I just need the new help files so I can see all the FSC format's the 5522 with provide.

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