Reporting Uncertainty as uUnit/Unit in MetCal

Has anybody been able to figure out how to get Metcal to report uncertainty in micro-unit-per-unit format? When my measurements are reported in uV/V & I set all the ACC statements to M1U, it reports the associated uncertainties as V/V.

I've searched thru the Helps & for Application Notes from Fluke, but nada.

I figure there must be somebody out there besides me who's run into this, so if you can help, it will be greatly appreciated.


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James Steeds

I wrote a function that we use on our certificate report to convert the engineering notation to use SI prefixes (eg 1e-6V to be 1uV).  So this would represent 1e-6V/V as 1µV/V.  This works nicely...



Function (stringvar inputstring)

stringvar field_string:=uppercase(totext(inputstring));

field_string:= replace(field_string, "E+", "E");

numbervar field_value;
numbervar field_value2;
 if instr(field_string,"E")<> 0 then
 field_value:= val(split(field_string, "E") [1]) * 10^val(split(field_string, "E") [2]);
//Convert Scientific notation to normal number, and scale ready for SI prefix
field_value2:= field_value / 10^(3*   INT(INT(LOG(ABS(field_value))/log(10))/3)   );
//limit number to 2sd and control reported decimal places
        truncate(field_value2, 1-int(    (log(abs(field_value2))/log(10))  ))
       , if int( (log(abs(field_value2))/log(10)) ) <> 0 then 0 else 1
 //add the SI prefix
 & " " & mid("yzafpnµm kMGTPEZY",   INT(INT(LOG(ABS(field_value))/log(10))/3)  + 9, 1)


david morgan

James, that's a very elegant solution. Thank you very much for sharing.

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