96270A RF Reference Source reference plane selection through GPIB

My company does not have the older model R&S sensors that are compatible with the metcal 96270A configuration table. Therefore I am having to use SCPI instead of the metcal FSC. I'm having an issue with selecting the reference plane through the GPIB. My code only returns an UNDEFINED HEADER error. I've tried multiple iterations to no avail. Here is a sample of the code. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

2.019 SCPI [@96270]:OUTP:ROUT MICR
2.020 SCPI [@96270]:SOUR:ROSC:EXT:FREQ 1e7

2.021 SCPI [@96270]:PROF:MEAS:SENS S1L     This line is the issue. All others work. 

2.022 SCPI [@96270]:PROF:MEAS:STAR 50E6
2.023 SCPI [@96270]:PROF:MEAS:STOP 2.95E9
2.024 SCPI [@96270]:PROF:MEAS:POIN 30
2.025 SCPI [@96270]:PROF:MEAS:LEV -10
2.026 SCPI [@96270]:OUTP:LEV S2
2.027 SCPI [@96270]:PROF:BEG "1"



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