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I have a 5800A and a 5522A. I love the idea of O_CAL controlling both and have had great success with this functionality. But... The 5800 has 4 channels and the 5522A has only one. I experimented to see of specifying O_Cal Channel = 2 would work with the 5522A but alas it does not. I had hoped the 5522A would ignore the channel number.

Is there a creative way to use the O_CAL FSC that uses all four channels of the 5800 but can also adapt to the 5522A's single channel?

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Never mind, I found a workaround. I simply query the instrument configuration at the front of the procedure to see if a 5800 is configured. With that, I set true/false variable for the rest of the procedure.

O_CAL Channel = [v @whatever]

If false, the variable is always 1. If true, the variable increments 1,2,3,4, etc....

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