Connecting Two Keysight 3458A Inputs to a Single 5730A Output

I am in the process of developing a MetCAL procedure based on the HP 3458A Calibration Manual CAL Procedure for MOD 2.  What would make the procedure far more automated is connecting the 90 Day CAL Transfer Standard 3458A and the UUT 3458A to the 5730A Calibrator simultaneously for the voltage verifications.  Does anyone know if there are impedance and or loading issues that would introduce errors in the readings from the two HP 3458A's ?

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Darrell Mortensen

I posted this same question to the Keysight forum and received the following response:

From: instrument_techsupport@keysight.com
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2018 10:14 AM
To: Mortensen, Darrell (GE Aviation, US)
Subject: EXT: 3458A calibration (case 10310097126)

Hi Darrell,

In short… we do not recommend the method you’re considering.  As you mentioned, there are several
potential sources of error that could be an issue… particularly with an instrument with 3458A’s
specification and accuracy. 

Recommended process is in the 3458A Multimeter - Calibration Guide,


Americas Technical Contact Center
Keysight Technologies
Ref 10310097126


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