MET/CAL8.3.2 Results insert failed.

The calibration result was not inserted to some tables.
No Error Message

We performed proofreading using the Procedure already proven in our environment 8.3.2, and it took time to display the Edit Wrorkorder screen.
After Edit Wrorkorder is displayed, STATUS is saved as "completed".

I have not confirmed all the relational tables,
CallSheets → OK
CallSheetsResults → OK
Points → OK
PointExNumerics → NG
PointUncertainties → NG

It was.
NG means that there was no record using the foreign key of the relation source.

Also, I have not concluded that it is a direct cause which was not inserted, and it did not investigate all of them here as well, but it turned out that no error processing was done in the stored procedure that seemed to be related (return a fixed value only).

In case
- Avoids warning in VS 2010

Thank you.

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