cable RS-232 for Fluke 8808A

Dear Sirs!


I )

I received a response about the RS-232 cable (Request # 239401)


Your answer is probably incorrect. Here is your cable diagram (Request # 239401).



I give a view of the Fluke 8808A behind.


1) pin 1 - the voltage indicated here is + 5V. In your scheme, this contact is not involved in the exchange.

Do I need to apply this voltage from the computer?

If you apply this voltage from the computer, how is this voltage applied: permanently or at certain moments of signal exchange?

2) pins 4, 7 and 8 are completely absent, and they cannot participate in the exchange of signals

as on your circuit.


3) through pin 9 the RI call signal goes, and it does not work in your circuit

For these reasons, your scheme is probably not applicable. 


II )


Fluke 9908A Users Manual



or Russian versionhttps://dam-assets.fluke.com/s3fs-public/8808a___umrus0100.pdf?XJTQJERkDza13YoMdBb_Vf9f2w8rfxzN  ).



The “Options and Accessories” table on page 1-7 or 1-8 indicates

RS43 cable.

     The same instruction can be found in the demonstration program.


Download FlukeView® Forms Demo / Reader Software (.exe)

where various devices and their corresponding cables are listed.

Various cables  are listed for  different devices.

Once again, I strongly urge you to give the electric circuit of the RS43 cable.

(Fluke Part No. 946470, shipped with FlukeView Forms models FVF-SC4 and FVF-SC5

 are available for purchase directly from Fluke). 



Judging by the software improvements version 3.8 announced by Fluke.


FlukeView Forms Version 3.0 or later is required for our measurements.

which are free updated to version 3.8

 using installer files:

FlukeView Forms Basic 3.8 (.exe)

FlukeView Forms plus Designer 3.8 (.exe)

Fluke 975 USB Drivers (.zip)

These files are located at the above address.

However, I can not find among distributors in Moscow,


distributor who has

FlukeView Forms version 3.0 or later or FlukeView Forms version 3.8

If possible, please tell me exactly who can buy FlukeView Forms version 3.8.


Sincerely, Karamyshev

Leading Engineer NIILFE


    https://miet.ru , https://old.miet.ru

February 16, 2019 




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