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So I am playing around with procedure sectioning. Seems pretty useful for my longer 4+ hour cals. But I do notice that my procedure "introduction" for lack of better terms runs every time before sectioning begins. For example my procedures normally run like so

Identification and Options

Self test

Test Block 1

Test Block 2

... etc


So if I section off Test Block 1 and Test Block 2 so they can be run separately, the IDN and Options part of my procedure runs twice and shows up on the cert twice. Should I also make my introduction as its own separate section to prevent it from running every time I do a partial cal?

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ConRes Metcal

(example below assumes an oscilloscope)

Some parts of your program may need parts of the introduction that will be used in all sections, e.g., setting global variables (model name, number of channels, bandwidth, etc.).

I would put the standard notifications and variable declarations at the beginning, outside of any section.  Then, put your self-test, compensation, and anything else that records results into their own section(s).

Depending on how much time elapses between partial cals, you could put the self-test and compensation in the main, outside of a section, assign the test response to a variable, and then only use the value in the intro section.  That way, you will ensure the unit is functioning properly and is compensated, but only record the results once.

Hope that helps,

Freddie Lochner
ConRes Metrology

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